The Heart is Deceitful

Lying, a film by M. Blash, movie poster

Directed by: Asia Argento

Cast: Asia Argento, Jimmy Bennett, Marilyn Manson, Peter Fonda, Jeremy Renner, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Ben Foster, Michael Pitt, Tim Armstrong, Winona Ryder, John Robinson, Ornella Muti, Jeremy Sisto, Matt Schulze, Vera Aldridge

Young Jeremiah lives in a stable environment with loving foster parents until the day his troubled mother, Sarah (Asia Argento), returns to claim him. Jeremiah becomes swept up in his mother’s dangerous world of drugs, seedy hotels, strip joints and revolving lovers. Salvation comes in the form of the boy’s ultra-religious grandparents, but soon Jeremiah’s mother returns. Maternal love binds the pair together on the road until Sarah’s desperate and depraved lifestyle finally consumes her.